Male suicide victim identified

Dead: Ramesh Beharry
Dead: Ramesh Beharry
Dead: Ramesh Beharry

[] – The young man who was found dead on the Kingston Foreshore on November 02 has been identified as that of 18 – year – old Ramesh Beharry, known as ‘Boy.’

iNews was reliably informed that the young man of Phase Two, Good Hope, was positively identified late last night by his mother, Chandracarla Sanichar.

Earlier yesterday, the female was also identified by her father as 19 – year – old Kavita Ackloo of South Cummings Lodge. The duo was found dead at the foreshore by passersby and it is suspected that they committed suicide.

iNews understands that Beharry was a joiner in Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, while Ackloo worked as a Sales Clerk in Sharon’s Mall, King Street Georgetown.

Dead: Kavita Ackloo
Dead: Kavita Ackloo

At the funeral parlour, Beharry’s mother broke down in tears, while recounting that she last saw him alive on Sunday morning. Both families expressed shock at the death, while nothing that they had no idea their children were experiencing difficulties.

iNews had reported that the police removed two bottles that are suspected to contain poison from the scene.

The bodies were found without any marks of violence. iNews also understands that ranks retrieved a receipt from the right side pants pocket of the man, which indicated that two poisonous substances had been purchased.

According to reports, the couple were last seen alive around 14:00 hrs on November 02 in the same area by passersby.





  1. This is too much to take dear God—young children too– if they had a problem ,They should discuss with their families– But only God knows why they did this — May their soul Rest In Peace

  2. Parents have a right and a saying in their children lives,,18 and 19 ,,These are still babies,But they could make better choice,,


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