Lusignan Prison to house first time offenders only; Inquiry launched into NA Prison uprising



Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee

By Fareeza Haniff

[] – The Ministry of Home Affairs plans to transform the Lusignan Prison into a model facility, which will only house first time offenders, and those who are caught with small amounts of marijuana.

The announcement was made by subject Minister, Clement Rohee today (Monday, June 02). Changes will also be made to the Timehri and Mazaruni Prisons.

According to Rohee, the Ministry plans to make the Mazaruni Prison the agricultural hub of the Guyana Prison Service in terms of food production and self sufficiency.

In this regard, he noted that the name change from the ‘Guyana Prison Service’ to the ‘Guyana Prison and Correctional Service,’ is important.

“This is a serious and profound name change, which we are seeking to have the Parliament endorse in respect to the institutional changes that are currently taking place. Even though permission wasn’t given, changes are already taking place within the Prison Service. A number of bodies have been set up internally in keeping with the strategic plan,” the Home Affairs Minister explained.

He further noted, “While it is the decision of the Court to deprive these people of their freedom, it is also the responsibility of the State to ensure that while they are held captive behind the prison walls that you initiate actions that will help those especially first offenders, reform.”

NA Prison Uprising

Meanwhile, the Home Affairs Ministry has ordered the establishment of a Board of Inquiry into the recent uprising at the New Amsterdam Prisons, which saw four prisoners being chopped and burned with acid by a fellow inmate.Prisoners

On May 23, chaos broke out at the facility when a prisoner entered a number of cells and chopped his inmates.

Those injured are Abdussalam ‘Sato’Azimullah, , Kwame Bhagwandin, Davendra ‘Bara’ Harricharran and Clarence ‘Dark Face’ Williams.




  1. while you are at it Mr Minister is it now proper to address also the overcrowding of the prisons since some of the crimes committed, instead of remand or sentences can be awarded as community services or fines.
    looking at the way our justice system dispensed justice that will be over half the prison’s population


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