Labourer who fell into Pomeroon River still missing


[] – A massive search is on for the body of 39 – year old – labourer Andrew Miguel of Manawarin, Barima- Waini who accidentally fell into the Pomeroon river from the Charity Farmers Wharf  on Wednesday, March 20 at around 13 :00 hours.

According to reports, police along with relatives and friends of the labourer are searching the river for the body.  Meanwhile, several persons are using ‘hook and line’ to try and retrieve the body from the river which is said to be more than 100 feet deep where the wharf is located.

The labourer and his wife Rose Miguel had traveled to Charity on Wednesday to do shopping. Miguel had sent his wife home with the groceries and told her that he will come later.

Miguel allegedly consumed alcohol and accidentally fell into the river from the wharf before disappearing in the water.



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