‘Justice must be served!’ – Mother of murdered 17 – year – old

Grieving mother, Lynette Taramattia Daby. [iNews' Photo]

By Leroy Smith

Grieving mother, Lynette Taramattia Daby. [iNews' Photo]
Grieving mother, Lynette Taramattia Daby. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Lynette Taramattia Daby said she is in no position and will never be in a position to accept any form of compensation in the form of money or otherwise for the murder of her eldest child, 17 – year – old Dhanraj Latchman, who was found dead on Friday night in Parika Backlands.

During an interview with iNews at her Lusignan, East Coast Demerara home, the grief stricken woman told iNews that the men who killed her son have no compassion and as such, she is prepared to ensure that justice is served.

Fighting to hold back her tears, the woman said, “Me decide to take no money for my pickney murder this got to go down it got to go how far me got to go for this meh ah go. me na take money for meh pickney life, they can’t kill my child and give me money for he life, they can’t take him and give me money no one knows how I feel.”

The woman also recalled that the father of one of the boys visited her home on Friday morning expressing sympathy on the fact that her son was missing.

DEAD: Danraj Latchman
DEAD: Danraj Latchman

However iNews later learned that the very man and his wife hid the dead teen’s car keys and cell phones after they learnt that it was in their house but never disclosed this to the police.

On Friday night, the two teenage suspects, one of whom went to school with the victim confessed to murdering him on Wednesday by strangulation. They later led investigators to where they dumped the body.

Dhanraj Latchman was last seen in the company of the two suspects on Wednesday night. They reportedly took him to Parika where unknowing to him they arranged to have his car sold to someone from Parika.



  1. What those humans really called friends. They killed him. let judgement be passed death penalty give them loud and clear…….!!!! as his mother weeps….. friends die for friends… but they murdered him.Are they working with the grim reaper let them meet him personally now. they must die……… !!!

  2. I 100 % agree, seek justice, go to the extreme to get your heart’s satisfaction.. only a mother feels for her child… these bitches and their parents r cruel… we dont need them in our society. I hope no high end lawyer defend these two criminals… think about this could have happened to your child too…. What about the buyer for these stolen vehicles, jail them too… they r encouraging the young people in our country to do hard and cruel crimes…

  3. Act wisely mother.
    Seek legal advice.
    Do not say too much.
    My condolences to you and your family.
    RIP Danraj


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