‘Just Youth It’ Conference set for this weekend


By Jomo Paul

Youth it[www.inewsguyana.com] – On the heels of International Youth Day, Come Alive Network Incorporated (CANi) second annual ‘Just Youth It’ Conference (JYIC) is planned for this weekend and promises to be a play of moral encouragement and support for Guyana’s youths as it has been in the past.

CANi Founder, Ryan Hoppie told iNews that the conference will feature international and local motivational speakers, main Forums and networking sessions. Slated for the Theatre Guild on Saturday, August 15, the event will feature speakers such as Mark Borneo, Techoah Dove and Caiphus Moore.

Moore, a popular video game developer, will be focusing his address on the advantages of the technology sector, while Borneo will be looking at Agriculture given Guyana’s potential in the sector and his experiences in entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, Boneo’s experience as a young agriculturist in the field of hydroponics can spark interest in the field of agriculture. Hoppie explained that the event will also feature prominent sports personnel such as Akeem Kanhai.

Asked to describe the event, Hoppie said is it hoped that a sense of moral and self-esteem will be restored to youths and embellish the said features in others.

As a spin off from last year’s conference, Hoppie explained that CANi partnered with several other NGOs to conduct outreach work and this time aroundm a few other groups will be directly involved in the conference.

According to him, the “thrilling” event was orchestrated after he noticed a lack of such conference in Guyana and CANi lunged at the opportunity to fill that void.

“We want JYIC 2015 to be a refuelling point for youth leaders; we also want it to be an inspiration platform for young people who are unsure about what life has to offer them. We want to provide opportunities for young people to network with other young people and implement project,” said Hoppie.





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