Two on the run following New Amsterdam prison break

Ravindra Samaroo

By Leroy Smith

Ravindra Samaroo
Ravindra Samaroo

[] – Two men were able to break their way out of the New Amsterdam Prison on Wednesday night (August 12) just after 20:00 hrs.

They have been identified as Ravendra Samaroo of Angoy’s Avenue Berbice and Lennox Patterson, of 369 Sisters Village, East Bank Berbice.

iNews has been informed that the men were held in a cell at the top flat of the building and were able to break out several boards of the prison wall, tied bed sheets and swung their way down to freedom.

Lennox Patterson
Lennox Patterson

The prisoners then quickly made their way to the corners of the fence undetected by guards and mounted themselves on top the security huts, which are located at the corners of the fence.

Once there, they climbed onto the fence, jumped out of the compound and made good their escape. iNews was reliably informed that a female security guard, who was viewing the security cameras of the facility at the time, saw the men but only after they mounted themselves on the fence and jumped over.

By the time the woman was able to raise an alarm, the prisoners had already escaped. Twenty – three year old Samaroo known as Ravi was remanded to prison in May of this year for robbery under arms and Patterson, called ‘Gold Teeth’ was remanded to prison in April of this year for the same offence.


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