Jaguars on the attack; Lima Sands residents fearful



jaguar copy
This Jaguar was recently shot and killed by farmers in Hubu Village

[] – Reports from Lima Sands and Mac Nabb villages on the Essequibo Coast indicate that Jaguars are attacking homes during the night. According to one resident known as ‘Piggy’, one of the animals attacked his home recently where his dog was killed and eaten.

Several residents said the jaguars are entering the villages from the nearby jungle savannah and are creating serious problems for residents by attacking their poultry and other livestock.

Residents also noted that they are very fearful to walk the loam road that connects the two villages in the night because the animals usually roam, in search of food.

As such, hunters in the villages are currently looking for the animals in order to shoot or capture them so as to protect residents, their livestock and the village dogs.

Only recently a Jaguar was shot and killed in Hubu Village by farmers.



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