Jaguar shot dead in Pomeroon


Jaguar [] – A large Jaguar was shot and killed last Friday night in the compound of a Hindu Temple at Grant Burn Bush/ Profit in the Lower Pomeroon River.

According to reports, the animal which was roaming the area, searching for dogs to eat, ended up trapped in the Temple compound.

A resident who lives next to the Temple was awoken after he heard several dogs barking loudly.

The farmer said upon investigating he saw the jaguar and decided that he will inform a licensed firearm holder to come and shoot it.

The farmer said he left his home quickly and traveled along the river to get the Hunter, Paul Gonsalves.

According to the Farmer, the Hunter responded quickly, returning to where the Jaguar was after midnight.

Several farmers in the area said the Jaguar, over the past weeks, killed and eat several dogs and was a threat to them whenever they visited their farms.

Farmers said they are now relieved that the Jaguar was shot and killed.





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