Injured man sleeps on the floor of GPHC



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

hospital[] – This unidentified man was lying on the floor in front of the door of the accident & emergency unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital last evening [Sunday, July 06] sleeping with a bandage around his head.

The details as to why he was lying there unattended or even allowed to lie on the floor of the hospital are unknown at this point. However, this is seemingly becoming a feature at the institution and is raising eyebrows in many quarters.

Many are now left to wonder about the quality of health care delivery at the Public Hospital and its effectiveness in saving lives and dealing with crisis situation.

Many have complained tirelessly about the length of time it takes to receive medical attention, care and treatment at the hospital and has deemed it ‘unacceptable.’

The hospital continues to be faced with the challenge of restoring its image in a number of areas including its nurses and other health care officials, since numerous complains emanated about the way in which patients are treated by nurses and their callous attitudes at times.

The hospital seems to pull itself together only after it comes under the microscope and it is under pressure to meet its obligations and deliver quality and safe health care.

Even though there have been success stories, these pale in comparison to the unexplained loss of life in cases where this should not to have occurred. A recent case in point is four-year-old boy Jaden Mars who died at the Georgetown Public Hospital after being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit after a minor operation to suture his tongue somehow went awry. The toddler’s mother blames the negligence of hospital officials for the death of her son and noted that his condition was in no way critical at the time he was taken to the GPH.




  1. i know some kids went there for medical treatment for their babies and their nunber was 65..the entire day wasted there because they are poor but what can they do.they have to sit there wait it out till there number called


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