Husband arrested for wife’s murder; statement riddled with inconsistencies

Deoram Sookchand. [iNews' Photo]

By Leroy Smith

Deoram Sookchand. [iNews' Photo]
Deoram Sookchand. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Deoram Sookchand, who is the husband of murdered cash crop farmer, Pamela Kendall has found his self in the hot seat as police have arrested him as a suspect in the woman’s murder.

The man, who will be brought to the Criminal Investigation Department in Georgetown later on Wednesday, August 26 for further questioning, withheld vital information from the police which included the fact that he was deported to Guyana after serving time in jail for cocaine and violent crimes.

Additionally, the police in Berbice found that the statements which the man provided are not adding up and as such they believe that something is amiss regarding the shooting death of his reputed wife.

Already, the man’s hands were dusted for gunpowder residue and those samples are with the police in Georgetown. This was done after Sookchand claimed that his wife was shot after running from the door but the post mortem revealed that she was shot at point blank range.

The 56 – year – old cash crop farmer was shot dead at her Lot 19 #45 Corentyne Berbice home after she came face to face with a gunman in her kitchen during a power outage in the area on August 20.

The husband claimed that he was in the shower at the time of the incident; however investigators revealed that the man’s statements are inconsistent. iNews also understands that a relative told police that shortly after the incident, someone called the family and said “if anything happen, y’all don’t call my name.”

Dead: Pamela Kendall
Dead: Pamela Kendall

The relative claims that the voice sounded like the dead woman’s husband. But it was also during an interview on Saturday last (August 22) with iNews that this reporter found some inconsistencies with Sookchand’s version of events of the night in question.

At one time, Sookchand said that he saw more than one perpetrator in the house and then after, he said he heard several voices which suggested that there were more persons.

He also admitted that when his wife was killed, there was a power outage and he remained in the bathroom with the water running. But Sookchand again contradicted himself when he said he saw the perpetrators jumping the back fence, making good their escape.

“Well on Thursday night around 6/6:30, we locked up and we getting ready to go inside the kitchen; this door there and me and my wife went in and I told her lock the door I am going to take a shower. Soon as she turned around to lock the door and I was in the shower this person ran in and when she turned around the guy was right there, she screamed and boom. I heard the shot; I am in the shower now, I freeze, black out, dark as pitch… you can’t see nothing. We don’t know who it is and next thing they peep in the shower… they could not see me. I was against the wall and they properly thought I run upstairs; the shower was running,” Sookchand told iNews.

He further noted, “They went upstairs; they run through the house. I don’t know if they looking for me but they did not try to steal anything; they did not tumble anything… he run down back; run out the door and they scaled and jumped the fence and run away. I came out the shower screaming looking for my wife, I see bare blood on the floor and I could not find her; this time never knowing she get up and run out and run across the street to her brother’s house and she fell down in the yard.”

While admitting that the water was running in the shower, Sookchand said he managed to hear whispers outside in his yard, suggesting that more than one person was involved.

“It is more than one that I know because I saw one but there was more because the reason why I heard the whispering so I know that there was more outside but I could not see it because I was locked up in the bathroom and it was dark you know, blackout.”

Following the murder, residents in the community staged a protest action, calling on the government to curb the crime situation.



  1. I say it again the police have to find a way to defend themselves , why don’t that say to the public that a mask and wig were found at the crime scene ? Why are the hiding it ?!! From the public

  2. How you know he murder his wife , I wasn’t there seeing it ,you were there and you is the one who do it you see it done by him ,all I say the police always late or don’t have a vehicle or only one police at the station or the takes hours to answer the phone ( at an emergency call )

  3. It better not heard from you ass hole , what you saying but blaming a tree month old government ? Where were you when they say they will get it done in 100 days or so ? Or the said so to fool the people to get in power ? not forgetting when PPP took office in just a few days how many damage were done in Boston and people were being beaten and shot and kill by passing at boxton especially Barbicans where targeted . it simply easy if the minister responsible for public security he should step down and give someone who can do the job , enough is enough

  4. Trying to be imparcial :
    His statements may be inconsistent, making him a prime suspect but it does not prove he is the killer. For example, not being able to see in the shower is possibly true since, as a small enclosure, it would be very dark. Coming out from that dark enclosure to an open space one would see better, thus him being able to see the blood. Then too, with the shower on, voices a small distance off may sound as whispers. Its a possibility. Again, having a criminal past does not make one an active criminal. This guy already paid his debt to society. Why think he is a repeater? Then again, if he was not asked about his past maybe it just did not occur to him, under such circumstances, to volunteer any information.
    So lets be fair, don’t hang him as yet, as some here are doing.

  5. How can he see them scaling the fence while he was in the shower? How did he know they didn’t run out the front gate? He says “they scale the fence, then I came out of the shower”.

  6. A clear reason why the photographs of all deportees should be placed in the newspapers and the crimes they have committed indicated. We are aware of the persons charged and convicted for serious crimes in Guyana and clueless about the ones who committed similar crimes in another jurisdiction. This should be a matter of law and not a discretion.

  7. I am left wondering if you have any sort of logic or common sense. Do you have any compassion for this woman. Why would the police have to defend themselves by saying the husband killed her when he saw so many things during the black out as per his own statement, it was so dark, the killers were not able to see him in the shower, “I heard the shot; I am in the shower now, I freeze, black out, dark as pitch… you can’t see nothing. We don’t know who it is and next thing they peep in the shower… they could not see me.” He also did not say that he was deported after serving time for cocaine and violent crimes. You are so clouded that you cannot even see your nose.

  8. Yes Sally. His story was a mess from the start.
    Blaming robbers for his mischief.
    Stop blaming the govt for every tin cup dat nack and mek noise. There are other unsolved crimes during the TERM of the now displaced govt.Great start CID to an alleged crime until proven.
    Racial discrimination has nothing to do with this death. Work to make beloved Guyana what it should be and not try to degrade the new government

  9. Dhanmatie no comment please. There’s more in the mata dan deh pestle alone. A blind man reading braille can feel the rubbish he tried to tell. Fool ah talk nah fool ah listen.
    LET THE CID find out the facts and justice will prevail.
    RIP PAM.

  10. Road blocks, burn tyres, etc, ammo found while blaming a 3 month old government. Only to find, it may be the husband who done it. Im sorry for all those who are disappointed hoping it’s one of the idiotic criminals done it just to blame the apnu/afc government. let the racial hatred go and try seeing this government as a body who’s trying to solve the mess that has been created over the years. Please give peace a change. Many of the bloggers statements I’ve read they are filled with racial incitement, hatred, encouragement of corruption, condolence of the last administration wrong doing who hasn’t caught many of the criminals who created terrible crimes under their watch and most of the crimes that are done todate are those criminals who haven’t been caught and are now continuing their crime spree. yet, you people turn a blind eye. Dont you have no shame? you are not hard to find. For you gave no solution, not any of substance anyway, yet your criticism is to the max. You’ve got 4 3/4 years left with this government so give some positive input or dnt say shit for it’s better not hearing from you at all.

  11. bhanmatie: Most murders are committed by someone the victim knows. Husbands killing wives is nothing new. If the police get evidence to convict the man you should applaud, not complain.

  12. What do you people want.From one side of your mouth you are screaming that the police are not doing their jobs and like you bhanmatie the other side of your mouth cant wait to criticize them when they do. Or is your true reason for having a problem with this beast being caugh is you like so many like you just knew the criminals were black. Well he looks like you. So there.

  13. Really now bhanmatie, you people are a suck bunch. He murdered her plain and simple as that. Wicked set of effers.

  14. Police are not stupid. They will know if he lied. If he is indeed the killer then in this case the death penalty must apply. Cant see blood in the dark if there is blackout.


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