House goes up in flames with sleeping occupant


By Leroy Smith

Firefighters at the scene of the fire. [iNews' Photo]
Firefighters at the scene of the fire. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A woman was forced out of her sleep after the house she lives in went up in flames on Cemetery Road on Thursday, July 02.

Reports reaching iNews revealed that the woman raised an alarm and residents responded and assisted in saving some items from the burning house before the firefighters arrived.

The two storey house is located two buildings away from the ‘A and D’ Funeral Home. The fire service responded without adequate water, residents reported.IMG-20150702-WA0001

As such, efforts are underway to get water from a nearby canal, while firefighters try their best to prevent the fire from spreading to two nearby buildings.




  1. For the many who often say that fire fighters responded without adequate water please allow me to assist to clearify a few points. A fire tender is fitted with a 450 gals tank and depends on the size of hose used and that would depend a lot too on the type, size and the potential treat to other people and property that volume of water would last between 2 – 5mins. With this it would always seem to the common man which I was also guilty of saying before I got involved in fire fighting that the truck didn’t have water. Because of our road network and the immense weight of these trucks it will be unwise for a country like ours to purchase trucks with the larger capacity tanks. So I hope this information was of some help to someone who was like me thinking the truck didn’t have enough water.


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