Headless baby corpse discovered outside tomb

Yadram Rameschant called ‘Sanjay’ when he was alive.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Yadram Rameschant called ‘Sanjay’ when he was alive.
Yadram Rameschant called ‘Sanjay’ when he was alive.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The head and right arm of a baby boy who died at just three months are missing, after his partially decomposed body was discovered out of his tomb by passersby last evening at the Reliance Cemetery, Canje Berbice.

According to reports, three month old Yadram Rameschant called ‘Sanjay’ was buried on June, 25 after he died at the Georgetown Public Hospital from Pneumonia.

His tomb was vandalized; however, even though the child was buried with cash and other valuables, nothing else was taken.

This has led investigators to believe that the child’s head and arm were taken to be used for evil purposes by the perpetrator (s). Pieces of what is believe to be the child’s skull was also found at the scene which has further puzzled members of the community.

His 19 – year – old mother, Farina Ali told iNews during a telephone interview that on Tuesday evening [August 12], family members received a telephone call informing them of what occurred. Sanjay was her only child.

Upon arrival at the scene with the police, the tomb was found open, but the child’s body could not be found. Following a search, the headless body of the toddler was recovered a short distance from the tomb.

The distraught mother told iNews that persons in the area informed her that the tomb was broken into since last Wednesday; however, no one knew how to contact the family.

Ali related that her son was buried with several pieces of gold jewelry and his missing right arm had four gold rings, however, the rings were taken off his finger and placed in his casket. He was also stripped of most of his clothes and his body was thrown in the grass.

The traumatized mother is questioning who would commit such a heinous act against an innocent child that was buried only about 2 months ago.

The mother related that this incident has left her feeling “Llifeless because is my first and only child…is a lot of pain I go through, pain to carry him, pain to make him and a lot of pain when he died….I have not had enough time to grieve his lost fully yet and I gotta deal with this,” Ali said through tears.

The woman, who is a Hindu, said she was told by elders in the village that this type of practice, where a head and right arm are taken is used to “perform obeah and evil work”.

She was also told that the “child’s body parts would be taken by someone who wants a child but is having a hard time getting one”.

The child’s father, Dinesh Rameshant was literally lost for words and said nothing over the phone when we attempted to speak with him.

Police are continuing their investigations.



  1. R.I.P my pumpkin pie your such a darling may the lord make those suffered who did that to you my baby….My Heart goes out to his mama and papa:(

  2. This act is completely gross if the right persons are found who did this they should be SHOT. My prayers goes out the the family of this child.


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