Guyanese among those killed by teen killers on “fun” shooting spree in Florida

Dead, 22 year Eric Roopnarine
 Dead, 22 year Eric Roopnarine
Dead, 22 year Eric Roopnarine

A 15-year-old boy from Florida went on a deadly shooting spree ‘for fun,’ killing one man at a bus stop and slitting another man’s throat after a friend shot the victim in the head, according to police.

Konrad Schafer of Kissimmee was arrested along with David Damus, 20, in connection with a string of 14 shootings, which left two men dead.

Two additional suspects, Juan Sebastian Muriel, 20, and Victoria Rios, 17, were also arrested in connection with one of the brutal murders.

Police said Schafer acquired a .45-caliber rifle from his father and fatally shot 17-year-old David Guerrero on June 26 while he was waiting for a bus.

‘[Schafer] thought it would be fun to shoot Mr Guerrero,’ said Kissimmee Police Chief Lee Massie, according to the Orlando Sentinel. ‘This is the type of individuals we put in jail today.’

About a week later, on July 3, Schafer and the three other suspects forced their way into a home belonging to 22-year-old  Guyanese national Eric Roopnarine, police said.

The suspects had allegedly tricked Roopnarine into thinking he was going to have sex with Victoria Rios, a runaway, when they entered his home.

Once inside, Damus shot Roopnarine in the head with Schafer’s gun and Schaefer slit the man’s throat.

The suspects targeted Roopnarine because they believed he had money, according to police.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that authorities made the arrests just as the suspects were trying to acquire more ammunition.

The gun used in the killings was bought by Schafer’s father on June 24, just two days before the first killing.

The elder Schafer said he purchased the firearm for personal protection. He said he son took the gun from him and he has not been charged with any crimes