Guyanese among 3 charged in Barbados for trafficking cocaine


A squad inclusive of a Guyanese man and two Bajan women who were busted with some $625,000 (Bajan) worth of cocaine were jointly charged on Tuesday in Barbados.

The Guyanese, 34-year-old Kwanza Canterbury was charged along with Barbadian entertainer, Betty Griffith-Payne, 38, of Lot 8, West Terrace Heights, St James and a 35-year-old sister, Marie Alexa Griffith, of Phillips Road, Cleavers Hill, St Joseph.

The charge against the three alleged that they between November 7 and 10 at West Terrace Heights, St James, and Mason Hall Street, St Michael, Barbados had in their possession 12 kilograms of cocaine with intent to supply, traffic and conspire to traffic.

In addition to the cocaine charge, Canterbury was additionally charged with being in possession of cannabis weighting one kilogram valued at $8000 (Bajan).



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