Guyana Times Reporter alleges Police harassment



The harassed reporter, Bisham Mohamed.
The harassed reporter, Bisham Mohamed.

[] – A senior reporter attached to the Guyana Times/TVG 28 media house is alleging that he was harassed by ranks attached to the Grove Police Station after he took a photo of the ranks during an operation.

During an interview with iNews, the senior journalist, Bhisham Mohamed who resides in Timehri, East Bank Demerara was on his way home in public transportation when the ranks, who were hiding behind a clump of bushes in the vicinity of Coverden, East Bank Demerara stopped the minibus.

According to Mohamed, from across the road the rank, who was identified as “John” summoned the driver, accused him of speeding and asked him to present his documents.

The reporter told iNews that he took a photo of the ranks as they hid behind the bushes with the intention of highlighting it, when one of the ranks saw him inside the bus.

This news entity was told that the driver of the minibus was being interrogated by another rank, when ‘John’ approached the reporter and asked to see the photo but instead the reporter told him that it was his personal handset hence he does not have to comply.

Mohamed told iNews that the rank then shoved him towards the car where he was told that he was arrested since taking photos of police ranks was an offence.

The reporter told iNews that he asked the rank not to push him however the rank reportedly told the reporter that “Once you were arrested the police got the right to do what they want”.

According to Mohamed, “By this time, the rank passed his superior, a cadet officer and reported the matter to Clarke who in a hostile manner asked ‘Are working in the media…where is your badge?’

Mohamed said he did not identify himself to police and was placed to sit in the Police vehicle when he was told that he will be charged.

“As I was making my way to the vehicle, the cadet officer who was on his mobile phone intervened and inquired what was happening and in so doing, I explained the situation but again was told that it was an offence. I was then instructed to delete the photo from my phone and was released,” the reporter told iNews.

Of recent, the Guyana Police Forces has been critized for their unprofessional and hostile approach when dealing with the public.



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