Gunmen invade NA Supermarket, accidentally shoots accomplice


POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – Bandits escaped with a firearm from a New Amsterdam Businessman, along with an undisclosed sum of cash and phone cards during a robbery on Thursday evening.

According to sources, around 19:00 hrs at the M. Ally and Sons Supermarket at Pope Street, New Amsterdam two men entered into the store and held up Nazmoon Ali, who was in charge at the time.

The men reportedly gun butted Ali who refused to hand over the cash but the men found the drawer containing the cash and firearm and removed it..

After retrieving the cash and firearm from the draw the bandits proceeded to remove phone cards when they noticed a staff looking at them. One of the bandits shot at the sales woman but missed and instead hit his partner.

The staff reportedly stooped down after releasing the gun being pointed at her and as a result the other gunman was shot. They men quickly left the robbery scene and escaped in a waiting car that was parked on the corner of Pope Street.

Police have so far arrested an individual who is currently assisting with investigations. Police are also pursuing other suspects.



  1. Maxi girl stop being so anti PPP and look at the reality of the situation . the crime has gone out of control .instead of pointing and playing blame game . work together and get this situation fix

  2. Which one of them is the “mastermind”? The guy with the hole in him, or the guy who couldn’t shoot to good? Good to see the police getting somebody to assist them in the investigations.

  3. One more firearm in the hands of criminals,I said it time and time again,too many guns in the hands of press-a-foots,,every baboo get a 9mm to add to they show off bull shit from the PPP,they giving then guns all away one by one, this one will aid and support the crime spree,,,,


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