Gunmen create mayhem at Foulis, businesswoman robbed at gunpoint


Foulis[]Businesswoman Zamina Mangru was robbed at gunpoint at her place of business by two of four men who pounced on the community of Foulis East Coast Demerara on Saturday, November 16.

Speaking with iNews on Monday morning (November 18), the businesswoman said that she was in the shop when the two men arrived. She said one approached her and placed a gun to her head while the other stood guard at the gate.

The one who approached her demanded that she hand over the drawer with the money and she complied. He then put the draw on a pool table and ordered the customers who were in the shop to empty their pockets and place the contents on the pool table.

The men did not hurt anyone but according to the shop owner, their other two accomplices were further up the road from her business attempting to rob a bread vendor.

iNews was informed that the bandits who were all unmasked entered the community at approximately 20:06hrs and their first stop was at the businesswoman’s place.

A relative of the bread vendor stated that the man was getting ready to enter his yard when he noticed a strange car in the area and decided to take a second look at it. As he continued his journey into his yard, one of the two bandits who were on foot coming from a different direction ran behind the man with a gun.

However, that gunman was unable to carry out any act since a community policing group in the area was passing at the time and discharged a round scaring the man off.

By that time, the car which had picked up the other two men who robbed the businesswoman circled the area as it gave the other two men the time to carry out their deed.

However, as they heard the gun shot they speed through the street to collect the two bandits. As the car entered the street, the businesswoman pointed out the car to another set of community policing group personnel who were in the area but they failed to chase after the men.

It was that same patrol that was alerted about the robbery as the men exited the street but they instead shouted to the businesswoman that she should go and make a report to the police station.

The businesswoman said that the men took away approximately $80,000 from her shop. She said that the matter was reported to the police and they arrived and conducted their investigations.

The car described by the residents as the getaway car is said to be a dark colored 212. On that same night there was another robbery in a few villages away from Foulis which saw a business couple losing more than $300,000 to bandits.

Both of the robbery victims described a fat man of African descent as being part of the group of bandits who attacked their property and also pointed out that the men were unmasked.





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