Gunman shot in Annandale home invasion still alive; under guard at the GPHC


[] – The man who was shot during an attempted robbery on Friday, January 17 on the home of businessman Ishwar Jeffrey at Annandale North, East Coast Demerara, was seriously injured to his face and not fatally shot as was ‘inadvertently’ stated by the police.

The man is reported to be under guard at the GPHC and his identity is yet to be confirmed.

Police had said on Friday that at about 02:00hrs 49 – year – old businessman, Ishwar Jeffrey of Annandale North, East Coast Demerara, was aroused by the barking of his dogs.

He reportedly awoke his 31 – year – old son Mananno Jeffrey, who is a Rural Constable and a member of the Annandale North Community Policing Group and who is licensed to use the Policing Group’s firearm.

The younger Jeffrey armed himself with the firearm and on checking was confronted by three men in the building. One of the men discharged a round at Jeffrey who returned fire, fatally wounding the man. The other two men managed to escape.  A .38 revolver with three rounds and a spent shell was recovered in the house and another .38 revolver was recovered outside. Investigations are in progress.



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