Gun Amnesty: Over 1,000 live rounds handed over to police

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[] – The Gun Amnesty programme launched by the Public Security Ministry got off to a fast start on Tuesday September 01, after more than 1,000 live rounds were delivered to a city police station.

According to a police statement, at 9:41 hrs, a member of the public handed in one thousand, one hundred and ninety one (1,191) 7.62×51 rounds at a Police Station in Georgetown.

This declaration from the police comes in the face of statements from Guyana’s political sphere that the amnesty programme would not be successful.

Former Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee had said that the gun amnesty programme is “bound to fail,” citing reports by law enforcement agencies during his tenure.

“The gun amnesty touted by Ramjattan is bound to fail. In most cases the programme did not reach its anticipated success. This was the case in Argentina, Australia, Brazil and nine States in the United States of America,” Rohee told reporters.

According to an advisory from the Public Security Ministry, “all transactions in this amnesty period will be treated with strict confidentiality,.

The Police stations where firearms can be handed in are the Timehri, Ruimveldt, East La Penitence, Brickdam and Alberttown police stations. In ‘B’ Division guns can be turned in at the Fort Wellington, Blairmont, Central, Albion, Whim, No.51, Springlands and Mibicuri police stations. In ‘C’ division, the police stations are: Sparendaam, Beterverwagting, Vigilance, Cove and John, Mahaica and Mahaicony.


  1. Dk The Peepeepee sponsored phantom squad could you tell the nation about the LARGE GUN collection they have,,,roger khan coming home very soon be careful,,,,,,

  2. GAL you have lots of gall to pronounce on others now. Where were your call for what you calling for now when PPP/C were ruling? Your mouth was stuck in your back pocket I’d say. PNC never once worked with the PPP/C government on security issues. You are two faces and most barefaced. Did you guys not do all you can to not only make the PPP/C look bad but your stated goal was to remove PPP/C from power by hook or crook or by slo fiah and mo fiah. You forget that?

  3. Even if one bullet comes off the Street ..its progress ..

    I believe the amesty is a good move by the Minister …

    People with negative comments we done know are against the Government .
    Even if one million illegal guns are handed over during this period .They will still find faults and give negative comments.

    The Mr rohee should know better and try to lead by example . When you make certain senseless remarks to the media that the amesty will fail the entire world is reading ..

    Guyana is peaking again with gun crimes and should support the efforts being made by the Minister ..
    Encourage people to hand in the very weapons that are taking lives in Guyana on a daily basis …

  4. Totally agreed with you DK.

    Where are those guns. Robert Corbin and this de facto President needs to answer to the public.

    Turning in live rounds is not off to a good start. We want those guns off the streets. RAM GOAT aka RUM JHAAT can eat these live rounds.

  5. It is time my fellow Guyanese we stop looking at PPP & PNC and focus on what is good for Guyana instead of Mr Rohee be positive and encourage the people to hand in their ammunition he is behaving like a primary school child and is trying to score point hoping that the gun amnesty failed and is having some foolish people to support him. Wake up Guyana and see the negative people you want to lead you, when someone is trying to do something positive you are hoping it fail or maybe you Mr DK is one of them with the ammunitions and he even your little boys going causing problems in the country and tryin to make the new government look bad.

  6. Let Ramjattan eat the live rounds. The people want the illegal guns out of the hands of well known criminals. The people want the guns the GDF give to PNC Robert Corbin. The people want the guns that were so called (stolen) from the GDF. I am never in agreement with Rohee but this time he is right that this thing is a failure. I could have 10 thousand rounds of ammunition but only hand in one thousand . To Ramjattan and the police that means success. Like I said criminals who will never one day work for a living will never surrender their working tools (guns) to no one. Their attitude is catch me and jail me if you can. Be reminded Granger was totally against this said thing that he is now for. Granger & Harmon are old GDF heads. Where are the GDF guns?


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