Granny arrested trying to stash ganja in mattress


By Leroy Smith

Marijuana[] – Sixty – nine – year old Melvinia Devonshire was arrested on Tuesday, June 09 after she was caught attempting to stash a quantity of marijuana inside her mattress.

Police swooped down at the woman’s lot 13 Hibiscus Housing Scheme, Blankenburg, West Coast Demerara home following a tip and according to a reliable police source, she was caught red handed attempting to conceal the illegal substance, which was secured in a zip lock bag, inside her mattress.

Additionally, upon the arrival of the police, her 40 – year – old son, Telbert Devonshire, who is a miner, jumped through the window in a bid to escape, tossing a bag in a nearby trench.

Police retrieved the bag and discovered that it contained the illegal substance. The marijuana was tested and weighed by the police and amounted to 639 grams in total. Meanwhile, three other persons, who were at the house during the raid, were also taken into police custody but later released.

They were identified as Aderia Trim, a 19 – year – old student, 38 – year old Tessa Devonshire and Derrick Roberts, a 46 – year – old miner. The elderly woman and her son are expected to be charged with possession of narcotics.




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