GPHC probing death of 4 – year – old who visited hospital for stitches after biting his tongue


By Kurt Campbell

Dead: 4 - year - old Jaden Mars
Dead: 4 – year – old Jaden Mars

[] – On Wednesday, December 4,  four – year – old Jaden Mars of West Ruimveldt was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) for stitches, after biting his tongue during a fall.

After spending one week at the institution the Assension Nursey School lad succumbed. His relatives are claiming that the explanations given by doctors at the GPHC so far are far-fetched and are calling for a full investigation into what transpired at the institution.

“He was so rosy when he walked in there and today a mess,” Mars’ mother, Natalie Caseley told iNews.

In recalling the incident Caseley said her son, the eldest of two children fell and hit his chin on December 4 which resulted in him biting his tongue in the process. She said he was taken to a nearby clinic where doctors advised that he get stitches and referred him to the GPHC.

“He walked in, he was walking full of energy almost as if nothing happened,” the grieving mother related. She added that doctors at the institution gave Mars anesthetic to put him to sleep in order to apply stitches to the tongue. She said that did not work as they expected and medical personnel then decided to send him to the theatre to undergo surgery.

“We walked and we talked, we got there and they took him and gave him more medication, I really believe it was an overdose,” Caseley told iNews. She said moments later doctors came running from the theatre and informed her that her son’s heart had ‘arrested’.

She said they managed to resuscitate him and complete the surgery, before admitting him as a patient in the intensive care unit on life support. Mars spent the last few days at the institution going from bad to worst according to his mother before finally succumbing on Tuesday (December 10).

“They called me just after mid-night and tell me to come down because his heart had arrested again, when I go they were fighting with him until finally I saw him stretch out, if you could see him, his eyes were swollen and so on,” she further stated.

Caseley said she cannot believe that her son died from a cut on the tongue and called for a full investigation into the incidents surrounding her son’s death. She remains steadfast in her position that he might have been overdosed or the right procedures may not have been followed.

The now dead lad’s mother said she met with Head of the hospital Michael Khan along with other administrative staff who notified her that investigations are ongoing.



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