Gov’t should pursue National Airline – iNews Poll


Guyana_Airways[] – The majority of respondents to an iNews poll believe that the APNU+AFC government should pursue a national airline in light of a number of issues affecting air travel.

iNews asked: In light of poor service and high airline tickets cost, particular to North America, should the government pursue a national airline carrier? In response, 76.9% of respondents voted ‘yes’, while 20.6% voted ‘no’ and a mere 2.5% were undecided.

Guyana had its own airline in the 1970’s but it ceased just before the year 2000. During this period, Guyana Airways operated services to destinations throughout the Caribbean, the U.S. and Canada.

Guyanese rely on other air services such as Caribbean Airlines, Fly Jamaica, Dynamic Airways and others, which sometimes prove to be unreliable given a number of delays.




  1. Maybe my friend here gets around by foot and often times waste many consuming hours waiting on public transportation….!
    Guyana doesn’t need to buy an airplane. Leading is the perfect alternative and with good planning and strategy, it would be successful in the end. No one wants to Intransit and depend on another country to facilitate the public needs. It would be profitable if the Guyana government and private sector come together and use their wasted and stagnant brains. To make Guyana proud again…!

    Wayne, toronto

  2. Bhanmatie… doesn’t need to buy an airline or aircraft. It can be leased for a short or long period of time. People will contribute to a non stop flight, rather than an I transit one like Trinidad…!

  3. Although I was not a fan of the Burnham politics (then a child) I now look back at his (Forbes Burnham) policies and stance, as a statesman. He made a lot of sense, even in negative personal ideas. Guyana was admired, for having a national airline that flew to North America, Caribbean and some parts of South America. Why this new government keeps dragging their feet on such a wonderful idea? Guyana needs its own flag carrier, not a chartered or borrowed one like the Trinidad airline. Wake up Guyanese and let your flag fly high one again…!

  4. I am a veteran in the airline industry for 23 yrs. Non flyer , NORTH AMERICAN IS OUT OF BUSINESS. Since Caribbean airlines has been subsidies by the TNT GOVT and they refine their oil and can afford cheap gas they should be able to afford Guyanese cheaper fare but due to our circumstances we have to pay the price in high cost for airline ticket and humiliation by the staff at Caribbean airlines their customs and immigration and their security on transit flights. CARICOM sister countries should not take advantage of the less fortunate . what is needed more direct flights to north America and renegotiate a better deal with TNT . They cant have flag carrier status and have a quite loyal proportion of customer from Guyana and still want to rip us off. we need to talk about that. Guyana government need to stay out of airline business. Its only an excuse to pour money into a bottomless pit .

  5. All who want cheap flights, go Jet Blue. A national airline WILL be a disaster. Three planes is needed for a start and the infrastructure in unforgiving. Running an airline is not easy, I was involved in both GAC and GA2000 as an executive! Bad idea period.

  6. They treat us that way for two reasons …1) The believe Guyana is a lawless country where you could get away with almost anything. 2) They know they could slap us, spit in our face and harass us we would still subject yourselves to those indignities over and over in painful silence!

  7. It waste of money for the government to buy an airline it will cost tax payers money to maintain it , Guyana Airways did not stay too long ,so why wasted money again on something that will not last ? that money can be spend elsewhere benefiting Guyanese people (nation)

  8. Back in the day, I flew with GAC Domestic twin otter aircraft into various parts of the country. There also used to be the GAC 748 aircraft which also used to fly into many hinterland locations – for example it used to fly every Wednesday to Aishalton in the South Rupununi Savannak; more recently the PPP fly SLAPS in to Aishalton. I’ve also flown on the Big GAC Jet to North America on a few occasions; I can recall once on a flight on that aircraft from New York to Georgetown with President Janet and then finance Minister on board – Bharrat Jagdeo was young and decent fellow at that time. Never even said “damn” or “blasted” in those days.

  9. And to believe Guyana used to have its own airline years ago…. I think it would be a good idea but get the country’s infrastructure developed first then maybe revisit this idea in years to come …. Either way, planning and competence needs to be used as the airline was lost to incompetence..

  10. No we should not go there, drugs and fraudulent documentation will cost us. The government need to attract more private airlines to ply the Guyana route and provide the necessary state of the art airport (with international accepted washroom standards) and security systems to build confidence in them coming to this port. The government can probably consider purchasing shares in LIAT so there can be more flights between Guyana and the regional hubs and insist on LIAT negotiating interline agreements so that the international passengers would get the required allowed baggage.

  11. I have been singing that song for the longest….this government should make our own carrier a priority in time to go with the airport..Guyanese would be happy and proud again..

  12. Larry London, Presidential Adviser for Air Transport may have a penchant for this, being military officer, pilot and all of that. I certainly had an increased feeling of national pride under the former PNC government though strongly opposed to them. Here is some free advice Larry:-
    Concretise a deal with Caribbean Airlines for x number of flights per week exclusively for Guyana/NY/Canada with a fixed fare. Like the Berbice Bridge Toll, subsidise the fare…..start small, then grow big. Or Caribbean Airlines may be willing to wet lease 2 AC to your Government…. make it a next 100 days priority…. then you will have 1,360 days before the next elections to ascertain if it makes sense and PROFIT….Isn’t jetBlue making entry into Guyana ? Revisit North American airlines… given our geographic proximity, fuel burn, fly time etc we simply cannot afford under profitability ….and sustainable growth with an airline now…. think outside of the box…. it will be a drain on the economy either way.. subsidise, then evaluate.

  13. I disagree. I see politics, incompetence, ineptitude and more delays. I say no. Let the private sector players compete to improve the industry.

  14. The time is now for a national airlines. Maybe a private /government partnership may be the answer.

  15. It may not be cost-effective for Guyana to operate one or 2 planes. A proper study needs to be undertaken before this is done.

  16. Like I said we had our own under Burnham and indeed President Desmond Hoyte made us proud with his inaugural flight on the Boeing 707 Flag Carrier of Guyana to the Toronto International Airport. But because of Kickbacks to Jagdeo, Irfaan Ali and Robert Persaud, Caribbean Airlines took advantage of the Guyanese people. So here again the Coalition Govt needs to look into our own Flag Carrier in time to come.

  17. Next five years when oil is gushing and we can afford to outfit a modern fleet. Definitely not a one man/one plane company.

  18. We need our own Airline again as the Management and Officials of CAL treat Guyanese as dirt. While in transit in Trinidad they also treat us as dirt. I sat net a CAL Captain from Trinidad to Miami once. He said Guyana is CAL bread and butter and still can’t understand why the Airline and Trinidian’s treat Guyanese that way.

  19. Guyana definitely needs its own air carriers also from the uk as a large number of passengers traveling from this destination suffers form time. I personally have been left stranded in Trinidad when Caribbean Airlines fail to fly resulting in children missing out on school and parents missing out on their work. With all of the delays posed we still have to pay exorbitant prices and with delays it leaves us more stressful and tired so of course Guyana will definitely benefit from its own air carriers.


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