Mother flees country after realizing son killed Montrose Granny

The suspect, Colin Allenye on the surveillance cameras

By Leroy Smith

Dead: Carmen Ganesh
Dead: Carmen Ganesh

[] – The mother of Colin Alleyne packed up her belongings and fled the country immediately after she had enough evidence to confirm that son her killed 76 – year – old Carmen Ganesh of Montrose, East Coast Demerara on August 01.

iNews understands that the police are looking to lay charges against her for harboring a fugitive since her son was wanted for murder; he is now in police custody and has reportedly confessed to the gruesome murder of the woman.

The police were reportedly monitoring the movements of the suspect who was captured on Saturday, August 22 wearing the very clothing that he wore on the day he murdered the woman.

The murder was caught on surveillance cameras mounted in and around the house and the tapes were released to the media. According to reports, Alleyne’s mother saw the news and recognized her son committing the heinous crime.

Reports indicate that Alleyne confessed that he was hired by one of the woman’s sons for $700,000 to kill her and search the house for property documents. Ganesh was taking care of the property at the time of her death.

Meanwhile, the police are also investigating the financial records of the businessman who has been at the center of the probe. iNews was reliably informed that the police will be looking at the man’s bank withdrawal prior to and after the murder.

The suspect, Colin Allenye
The suspect, Colin Allenye

On Sunday, August 23, the police revisited the house of the businessman and carried out a search to see if any documents which are the property of the woman were at his home.

The son along with the businessman remains in the police custody even as family members are of the view that the son is not part of the plot that saw his mother being murdered.



  1. So what’s your point DS? The quote: a child learns what he/she lives. Indeed no one is a born killer but inherited traits do play a part. In addition, the influences, peer pressure, environment, all influence the child’s behaviour patterns. Parental upbringing or lack thereof, all have effects as that child grows into adulthood. That mother, it seems, knows about her sons criminal activities but was probably helpless to do anything to persuade him to change course. She knows that that is his end game so she had to flee

  2. NO! That murdered elderly woman has no son in business. That businessman referred to has a shop just Infront of the murdered elderly woman. There is just a small entrance behind that said business for an entrance to the woman’s house. That businessman could do well with little plot of land to extend his storeroom . I am not implying anything here or any insinuations intended. The police have their work to do.

  3. Mother Flees In terror Abroad From Her Killer Son?

    When a parent has to flee the country in fear for her life, because her son is a killer.

    What is that saying for her, as a mother?

    I know most people will say, the mother facilitated the birth of her son, but did not create his mind.

    I say, NO child comes into this world as a Criminal or Killer.

    All of these traits are LEARNED over a period of time.

  4. “The son along with the businessman remains in the police custody even as family members are of the view that the son is not part of the plot that saw his mother being murdered.” – based on the aove quote it can be assumed that the businessman in custody is the son of the murdered woman… no ?


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