Man shot during robbery on Sheriff Street


POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – Twenty – eight – year old Ravindra Singh is nursing a gunshot wound after he was shot in a robbery in the wee hours of Monday, August 24.

According to a police report, at about 02:05 hrs, Singh of Grove, East Bank Demerara was on Sheriff Street, Georgetown, when he was held up by two men, one of whom was armed with a firearm.

During the incident Singh was shot to his left foot as the perpetrators took away a gold chain and escaped. The injured man has been admitted to hospital for medical treatment.



  1. Thank you DAX, well said and true. We all have to take the steps to insure we protect ourselves. He is lucky.

  2. Damn lucky that he didn’t get the bullet elsewhere. The bandits just maybe felt some sympathy for him since he was probably not one of those from an affluent background, or they ran out of richer victims. What on earth was he doing there at that hour with a gold chain knowing fully well of the escalating crime especially in GT? Hope he has learned a lesson and others as well.

  3. No one in authority ever listens to suggestions from the ordinary citizen .So far what has been implemented to fight this run-away -gun crime is not working and it will no work ! The criminals are having a smooth and comfortable “run” knowing fully well that Polce and polititions are making little or no attempt to take away “THE KEY” of their profession : “THE GUN”……….By not doing this there are not even giving intended victims a Fighting Chance ! He who has the GUN controls the entire ugly event….any other weapon the victim can resist and possibly follow the criminal at a safe distance after the event…A Gun nollifys all such motivation……….REAL Practical attempts must be made to reduce and eventually eliminate illegal guns that are now in the hands of most if not all criminals……{ Cameras, good move , but they will not prevent or thwart the gun slinging criminals ,it MAY identify them after the crime }…….1 START AN AMNESTY WITH INCENTIVES, POSSIBLY CASH. 2.REVIEW ALL GUN LICENSES ISSUED OVER THE LAST TWENTY YEARS.3 ENACT LAWS MAKING THE POSESSION OF A GUN , A COMPONENT OF A GUN , A BULLET, SHELL OR CAP A NO BAIL OFFENCE with a minimum of ten years jail plus cash fine if found guilty………Maybe a fresh team at helm of the Police might help….too many people are paying the ultimate price and the public is told ,”The investigation is on going ,we are doing our best “. …..As of now this no sense .

  4. the bandit was waiting for the man since he knew that 2.00 am all shop were to be closed and it happen at 2.05 am,
    all that is because of our incompetent security minister Mr. Ramjattan the cack eye man.

  5. That street is a popular hang-out for criminals; the obvious strategy should have been to flood the regular spots with plainclothes and other armed beat cops. Maybe in this case it is rocket science.


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