GINA feels ‘threatened’ by Granger’s comments; Will make report to Police

Leader of the APNU, David Granger.
Leader of the APNU, David Granger.

[] – The Government Information Agency (GINA) has taken seriously the recent statement made by Leader of the Opposition, David Granger as it relates to the entity.

At a press conference held on Friday, March 7, Granger told reporters “…if they don’t hear, they will feel..” in relation budgetary allocations for GINA and the National Communications Network (NCN).

The entity believes that this is a threat to the Company and its staff.

In a press statement issued, the government entity said “GINA interprets this comment by Mr. Granger as a threat to its existence and well being of its staff. More so, the agency believes that such a comment may not be devoid of security implications for its employees and is in the process of registering its concern with the related authority.”

Head of GINA, Neaz Subhan subsequently informed iNews ( that they are in the process of making an official report to the Police.  

“Based on the pronouncements of Mr. Granger and his colleagues in the Opposition since 2012 regarding GINA, there is no ambiguity of their stringent efforts to use their combined Parliamentary majority to close the agency through the deprivation of financial resources. As evident from 2012 and 2013, this action by the Opposition was without an inkling of consideration for the welfare of the industrious and dedicated staff of the agency all of whom have financial obligations for their personal and family well being with many being the breadwinner,” GINA stated.

Head of GINA, Neaz Subhan.
Head of GINA, Neaz Subhan.

 iNews ( reported on Friday, March 7 that the Opposition has remained resolute in its demand for ‘balanced’ coverage by the National Communications Network (NCN) and the Government Information Agency (GINA) of its projects and activities.

Granger said his party is prepared to disapprove of spending for the two state run entities in the upcoming 2014 National Budget if they do not alter the way they provide coverage to the Opposition.

The Opposition Leader made no qualms to openly state that NCN and GINA are condemned to suffer the same fate as per the last two years if issues that existed before remains.

The Opposition parliamentary parties over the last two years reduced budgetary allocations in the National Assembly for the two entities to $1 as it decried what it claimed was impartial media coverage.



  1. Wha he gon tell de police? When dem thief up de money president an de police aint do nothing he aint complain. dem only give de govt/ppp airtime an then want de tax payers for pay for it. is he for real?

  2. the communists in government and the ppp on the whole are sounding more desperate news cycle after news cycle and soon there will be nobody left to take them seriously anymore, for when it is not incompetence it is just plain nonsense with them.

    the vindictive and spiteful ppp believes that everyone in the country is drunk or high on something not to notice that it wants to portray everything about the opposition has having do with criminality and this what is coming from subhan is just him following the narrative and reading directly from the script.

    the guyanese people know who are the real criminals, but just waiting on daylight to expose them.



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