GDF Ranks urged to take a stance against corruption


By Kurt Campbell

[] – Ranks of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) were on Tuesday morning (February 11) urged to take a stance against corruption, particularly bribery at Guyana’s borders by Rev. Kofia Nials, who was at the time delivering a sermon at the Commissioning Service for the Standard Officers’ Course #46.

Nials urged the ranks [new and old] to remain content and be a cleansing agent for the Force. “Good officers do not cheat, do not lie and do not steal,” he told the gathering.

He also called on ranks to maintain integrity in whatever post they hold within the Force.

“Refuse offers and say no… be men and women of integrity” he said, adding that “when bribe and temptation comes remember your duty, loyalty, integrity and identity.”

The Reverent went onto tell ranks “do not let honor turn to dishonor.”

His sermon reinforced the message of integrity, stamping out corruption within the Force and remaining loyal to the task at hand.

He told several tales to get his message across, which had ranks on the edge of their seats laughing as they nod their heads in agreement.

The 15 ranks, inclusive of three from Belize, will have their passing out parade on Wednesday, February 12. On Thursday, February 13 the ranks will receive their instruments from Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, President Donald Ramotar at his Office.

In December 2013, the Force hosted its Ensigncy Parade at the Drill Square, Camp Stephenson, Timehri where the 15 officer cadets were promoted to Ensigns.

The new ensigns, Obitre Hytmiah, Alvin Holladar, Dishon Harris, Steffon Branche, Curtland Melville, Carlos Moore, Shaheed Zaiboon, Neil Asregado, Simon Gordon, Lawrence King, Kevin Salaru, Noel Lanza, Marion Hernandez and Austain Flores all received their badges of rank from Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Mark Phillips.

The standard officers’ course #46 commenced on March 15, 2013 with 25 officer cadets, but during the period of training, 10 persons either withdrew or failed to achieve the minimum standard of the course.  The remaining 15, three of whom are from the Belize Defence Force endured nine weeks of intense training.



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