Four years jail for mother- in – law, others who robbed Malcolm Panday



Jermaine Mitchell
Jermaine Mitchell

[] – The mother-in-law of Malcolm Panday along with four other accomplices was today sentenced to four years imprisonment for the July 2011 robbery of businessman Malcolm Panday, at his Bel Air, Georgetown residence.

Chandrada Rampersaud, Jermaine Mitchell, Aubrey Simon and Rayon Jones and Hardat Kumar, were found guilty for two counts of robbery underarms, committed on Annie Ramsood on July 12, 2011 at her Bel Air Gardens residence.

For the two counts of robbery under arm, they were all sentenced to four years on each sentence, which will run currently; however, Mitchell will serve his four years on his robbery underarm charges and unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition consecutively.

The facts of the case state that on July 12, 2011 at Bel Air Gardens, Georgetown, being armed with a gun they robbed Ramsood of $1.4 M and US $29,000 together valued $7.2 M.

Rayon Jones
Rayon Jones

After the decision was handed down, Panday told reporters outside of the Court Room that on the day in question, ten gun men entered his home, placed guns to the head of his children and wife.

He said his children are still traumatized. His wife broke down in tears outside of the court room.

During their first appearance in Court on July 15, 2012, the court was told that on the day question, police investigations revealed that the mother-in-law was once employed at the home as a house keeper, but was fired and subsequently told a cousin about the monies the Pandays kept in the house.

Chandrada Rampersaud
Chandrada Rampersaud

The court was told that all the defendants started to plan the robbery.



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