‘Foreign Object’ was inserted into Colwyn Harding’s anus – Medical Expert


By Fareeza Haniff

[www.inewsguyana.com] – An independent medical expert from the St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital has found medical evidence to prove that a ‘foreign object’ was inserted into the rectum of Colwyn Harding, which caused internal bleeding.
This is according to Attorney – at – Law, Nigel Hughes, who told reporters during a press conference on Wednesday, February 12 that the 23 – year – old Harding was taken to the private doctor for an evaluation after being released from the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) on January 20.
Harding is the young man who alleged that he was raped by Police Constable Devin Mahendra Singh at the Timehri Police Station in November 2013. He accused the rank of inserting a condom covered baton into his anus, which damaged his intestines.
However, the doctors at the GPH had said that Harding never informed them that he was raped and examinations of that ilk were never conducted and as such, they could not make that determination now since the incident occurred between November 15 -18, 2013 and Harding would most likely have already healed. Harding was diagnosed and treated for Hernia by the doctors at the GPHC.
The allegations of rape only came to light in January 2014. However, the independent medical expert debunked the claims by the doctors at the Public Health Institution and his findings were also corroborated by the doctors in Jamaica, according to Hughes.
“That [local] expert found that there was active rectal mucosal bleeding on Mr. Harding in the upper rectum. The medical records from the same expert, which was examined by the doctors in Jamaica, specifically said that the doctors who performed the surgeries on Mr. Harding did not examine the rectum or the anus,” Hughes told the press conference.
According to the Attorney, he sent a copy of this report to the Director of Public Prosecutions; however the Police Complaints Authority, which investigated the complaint, was not privy to the expert’s report.
Harding is now back from Jamaica and the doctors there found there was inflammation of the rectum, and that the surgeons there were unable to go beyond 25cm with the scope, indicative of an injury that is consistent with abuse.
It was noted that the Jamaican surgeons recommended further study on Harding’s intestines before he has his third surgery in another 6 – 8 weeks.
The Police Complaints Authority in Guyana has since found no evidence to support Harding’s claim that he was raped and has since recommended that assault and disciplinary charges be brought against the police ranks accused of the act.



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