“Follow the straight and narrow path” – Magistrate tells accused before sentencing  


[www.inewsguyana.com] – Nineteen – year – old Ron Collins was sentenced to 56 months in jail for robbery under arms by Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Monday July 14.

court  Collins of Ketley Street, Charlestown, Georgetown made his first Court appearance on April 7 before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry during which he pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that on April 4 in Georgetown and being armed with a knife, he attacked and robbed Holly Ann Culpepper of one Blackberry cell phone valued $80,000, $60,000 cash, one purse valued $6,000 and one sunglasses valued $20,000.

The Court heard that on the day in question at about 13:00 hours, the complainant came out of Ramroop Furniture Store when she felt someone pulling her bag. The woman turned around and saw the accused, who was armed with a knife.

Upon seeing the knife, the complainant let go of the bag and the accused escaped on a bike. Police on a mobile patrol observed what had happened and chased after Collins. The accused fell to the ground and was subsequently arrested by the police and taken into police custody where a search was conducted on his person and the items mentioned in the charge were found.

During Collins’ trial on June 18, he changed his  plea to guilty  but the matter was put off on two occasions pending a probation report.

Before handing down her sentence, the Magistrate noted that she took into consideration all the factors which included the seriousness of the offence and the fact that armed robberies are on the increase.

Magistrate Latchman told the accused that she hopes in the future he will follow the straight and narrow path in life.




  1. Judy Latchman said she hopes in the future he will follow the straight and narrow path in life. I wish when he gets out his next victim is Magistrate Judy Latchman::They sit there on the bench and yap crap to criminals because they are well protected by security::They dont care about those who have no personal security like she does and have to be in the criminal domain on a daily basis for their daily lives..What did the porbation report showed? He is a deadly criminal and this is his career but he got caught this time::Armed robbers should received no less than 40 50 years behind bars to send a message that society sick tired n fed up of these get rich quick parasites::Maybe people in the judicial system who are well protected enjoying see people suffer from what these parasites do to them..Why did this criminal have a knife? Judy Latchman and others never asked why a knife why a gun? Its simple:::These parasites intent is to use their weapons on the victims if they resist with intent to kill to keep their loot if possible::


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