Fmr. Health Minister files motion for case to be dismissed

Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran and Sherlina Nageer during the exchange in front the Whim's Magistrate's Court. [Mark Jacobs' Photo]

Former Health Minister, Bheri Ramsaran shows the peace sign while leaving the Whim Magistrate's Court recently. [iNews' Photo]
Former Health Minister, Bheri Ramsaran shows the peace sign while leaving the Whim Magistrate’s Court recently. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Former Minister of Health, Bheri Ramsaran has filed a motion in the Berbice High Court, through his lawyers, seeking to have the charge against him dismissed.

The former Health Minister under the PPP administration was recently charged for using insulting language against women rights activist, Sherlina Nageer.

He appeared again at the Whim Magistrate’s Court on Monday, September 21 before Magistrate Charlyn, where his lawyer, Mursaline Bacchus informed the court of the motion.

The motion was filed on the grounds that the State does not have the necessary ingredients to prove that there is enough evidence to find the accused guilty. This judgment by the defense was made after they had scrutinized the evidence that was  presented by the prosecution.

Ramsarran is also represented by Attorney – at – Law, Adrian Anamayah and is expected to return to court on October 26. The recording of the confrontation between Nageer and Ramsaran went viral and received strong condemnation from Rights Groups and members of the diplomatic corps in Guyana.

The issue also resulted in several protests outside Ramsaran’s office, calling for his resignation; however while he did not resign public pressure forced former President Donald Ramotar, who was seeking another term in office, to fire Ramsaran.

The PPP was subsequently voted out of office and Ramsaran is now a Parliamentarian. During the verbal spat with Nageer, he threatened to slap and strip her because she interrupted his interview with Reporters who were challenging him to defend his record in government.

The exchange of words was recorded, the contents of which was revealed by the media on March 21, 2015.

“Shut your mouth and get out my face…I am not entertaining you…You idiot, we have less maternity. I am a Candidate leading these people. We are going to win the elections and do better….Get the hell out of my face…. F off,” Ramsaran could be heard saying on the recording.

He went on to tell Nageer that she is “a little piece of shit…idiot,” and asked a nearby police officer to arrest her.





  1. This charge is a sequel from the Movie NO BIG THING, its like shawn hinds,Jenny West,Opposition leader, they all were parts of the movie,,,bottom line ACTING,ppl did murder and all charges dropped, so come on stop the crap and drop the political change and let his charge go under the carpet like so many others,

  2. The charge is a joke. Everyday 100s of people would be charged with using insulting language, because that’s is the way some Guyanese people talk. However, the PPP should not let Berri sit in parliament. Parliament should not let this man in the building. There must be a code of conduct for parliamentarians. This is insulting to women anywhere in the world. Mr. Slap and Strip is the one who sounded like the idiot in that outburst.


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