Female traffic cop caught demanding bribe in sting operation


Bribe[www.inewsguyana.com] – A female Constable is under close arrest after she was busted in a sting operation demanding money from a motorist on Monday, August 10.

A police report revealed that the Constable is attached to the Traffic Section, Brickdam and was caught in a sting operation by ranks from CID Headquarters after she demanded a sum of money from a motorist to forgo prosecution in relation to a Traffic Offence.

The police report did not name the traffic cop or provided any other information to the media.



  1. The law is for everyone so things can run smoothly, simple this is going to make others scared to take bribe even though it will still go on. This is one of the top crime unnoticed in Guyana. Confession time: i live in England and dare not drink and drive, when in Guyana I do it cause if the police catches you give him a money and go, not proud but I will love the bribery to stop and our roads will be safer and people will drive properly and do the right thing. Example: you’re driving from Georgetown to Buxton without a driving license, police stops you in Georgetown, you pay him he lets you go, then he will phone his friend at Sparringdam Police Station telling them to stop you and collect more money then on to BV same thing.

  2. Better pay for these low rank police will eliminate the need to take bribe. The person offering the bribe should be held responsible. It takes two for a bribe transaction to take place.

  3. People just like to talk the woman didnt not receive no bride she was given bride by the motorise at the same time cid come up n caught him holding her hands putting money in her hand when she was pulling it away and because he knoww a big boy n the force the cid rank was afaird of him n switch the story

  4. Bribe is bribe regardless of the position of the person involved, if that cop cannot cope with the salary, she should seek alternative employment or take up another part time employment elsewhere. I did that during the days of the PNC. when salary was frozen for years and inflation in double digits . May I hasten to add that what I did was not illegal. I reared chickens

  5. This sound like entrapment. The problem is not about a low rank cop taking a small bribe to survive; it is about big ones in high places that does the country damage.Makes no sense to make an example of the small fish and allow the big fish to roam free.

  6. Close Arrest,,,bull,, she only took a BRIBE,,nothing like jenny wildwest,who walking around FREE FREE, justice system for the poor only,,dont get me wrong she the cop should be dealt with,,,,they have to stop this BS,,

  7. Good, she’ll pay for the two fellow officer who did the same thing to my son and many others and got away with it: GOTCHA!

  8. Why under close arrest, a bribe is an act of CORRUPTION / CRIME, MR. Minister of National Security, She should be in JAIL by now.

  9. Aaah! This is one of the better ways to put an end to this sort of crime by those entrusted and PAID to up-hold the Law. Bravo.

  10. A strong message must be sent and harsh examples made of these weasels masquerading as police officers. They are a disgrace to the force.

  11. why only one person caught? it wasn’t a sting, perhaps she asked a CID rank for money since he wasn’t in uniform, in Guyana 95 or more % of the traffic police take bribes, I have first hand knowledge of this as I was working where many traffic police were stopping people and all of them were looing for people they could get bribes from especially overloaded Mini Buses, to them its their everyday business.


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