Family of 7 homeless following fire

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By Tracey Khan – Drakes

HOMELESS: Edwin Oudkerk and the four children. [iNews' Photo]
HOMELESS: Edwin Oudkerk and the four children. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A family of seven is now homeless after a fire destroyed their Sixth Street, Albertown Georgetown home yesterday afternoon (December 27).

Reports indicate that the fire may have been started by one of the kids who had possession of a box of matches.

One of the occupants, Edwin Oudkerk was in tears as he explained how his home went up in flames.

“I wasn’t at home at the time but according to the information I received, is that some one of the kids, while the mother was conversating ‎with the old lady in the other room, the other little one venture out and go into the kitchen. I don’t know how he come into contact with the box of matches but as he get the box of matches he venture off into the other bedroom and that he must have light a match that cause this destruction.”

The man is employed as a Security Guard with the Strategic Action Security Service and has been residing at the home with his elderly mother for over 38 years.

The family was unable to salvage anything from the house. When he was asked about his next move he replied, “I really don’t know.”

[News Source Photo]
[News Source Photo]
The man’s mother and children’s mother had to be taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for minor injuries.

“Like they get minor injuries; the girl is pregnant and I don’t know what take place with her but she gone to the hospital to and the old lady gone to the hospital to.”

Oudkerk takes care of two children who are related to him along with his two biological young children.

The family is now contemplating their next move. Persons who would like to help the family get back on their feet can call telephone number: 682-1504.



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