Family bars Gay community from viewing body of Carl Sinclair



By Leroy Smith

IMG_20140731_124040[] – Family members of Carl Sinclair – the homosexual known as “Tyra” has barred members of the gay community from viewing the remains of the murdered young man at Sandy’s Funeral Home.

He is scheduled to be buried today.

Relatives are reportedly telling the Lesbian, Gay, Bi – sexual and Transgender [LGBT] members that the funeral is a private.

The confusion is abundant at the parlor where relatives are locked in the viewing area with the body.

Dead: 24 - year - old Carl Sinclair known as Tyra
Dead: 24 – year – old Carl Sinclair known as Tyra

Sinclair and his friend, Jason John, known as ‘Jada’ were knifed to death on July 20 by jealous lover, Samuel Bristol, who eventually killed himself.





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