Embattled Constable Singh, other police officers allegedly handcuffed 12 – year – old to bedframe

 Police Constable, Devin Mahendra Singh is accused of inserting a condom laden baton into the anus of Colwyn Harding.
Police Constable, Devin Mahendra Singh is accused of inserting a condom laden baton into the anus of Colwyn Harding.

[www.inewsguyana.com]The girlfriend of Colwyn Harding – the prisoner who was allegedly sexually abused with a condom covered baton – Teanisha Evans has reportedly told Attorney – at – Law, Nigel Hughes that Constable Singh and other police officers also arrested and detained a 12 – year – old on the November 2013 date.

During a statement taken by Mr. Hughes, the 18 – year – old girlfriend of Harding stated that the 12 – year – old boy was handcuffed to a bed frame at the Timehri Police Station.

The young woman provided in depth details on what took place on November 15, 2013. She explained that on that same day, at around 3:30 am, she was at a house opposite the Timehri Fire Station with Harding, when five persons, comprising of four neighbourhood police, and a “fat indian man” visited the house.

“They said there were searching for weed asking where this boy work. I told them his name is Colwyn Harding as he works in the interior. They told me that I am keeping information from the police and I would be locked up for giving officers false information.”

According to the young woman, at the time, her boyfriend was wearing a blue jeans and blue American Eagle Boxers.

“Three of the men including policeman Singh took Colwyn into the bedroom and the fat east Indian man took me outside by the police van which was parked in front of the house. While I was outside by the van with two police officers, I asked them why they were harassing me, you all don’t even have a female. I heard Colwyn screaming inside the house screaming ‘you al don’t beat me no more, you all gun kill me’. The beating lasted a long time.

“After about twenty five minutes I ran back inside the house where I saw Colwyn in different boxers wearing wolf brand, small size boxers. I saw Officer Singh hit Colwyn on his hand and tell him put on your clothes we are going to the station. His hands were swollen and he was limping,” Evans said in her statement.

The injured Colwyn Harding.
The injured Colwyn Harding.

She further noted that they placed Harding on the floor of the tray of the police vehicle, while Constable Singh allegedly stuffed Harding’s mouth with a sponge.

From there, it is alleged that the Officers visited another house, where they arrested Tiffany Edwards and a twelve year old.

“While they were bring the 12 year old boy to the van one of the policemen took a chopper and broadside the little boy in his face. It left a brand. They took the four of us to the Timehri Outpost. They hand cuffed Colwyn and the 12 year old boy to a bedframe in the Timehri outpost.”

According to Evans, after the police officer left, Harding told her that Constable Singh, “beat he and push his finger up his anus first then he carry him in the bathroom, throw water and a cokes on him and tell him to wine like a girl. He said Singh beat him and he get blacked out. Singh told him he gun push a condom on the baton and push it in him. His hands were swollen and his feet were swollen.”

Evans further explained that the officers then took the four of them to the Timehri Police Station, where they were placed behind the bench and were not allowed to make any phone calls.

“Colwyn tied his hand in a make shift sling around his neck. Colwyn put his head on my shoulder and was crying for pain. I told the red skinned inspector who was on duty about the incident and I told them that this man is a wicked man they tried to bugger this boy. The red skinned officer tell me mind me mouth or I’ll be locked up for false allegation against the police. The inspector called out to Singh and told him ‘If you do that you gun get trouble’.”

She added, “Singh then came and scrambled Colwyn. I jumped in the middle and told Singh you can’t do him them thing no more his is not a criminal. Singh pushed me out of the way and I fell and hit my head on the desk and got a black eye.”

Constable Devin Mahendra Singh is currently under close arrest for the incident, as the Police Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the incident.

The other officers involved in the matter, have all been transferred to police stations in Georgetown.



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