Editor’s letter of complaint to APNU Leader


Mr David Granger

Leader of the Opposition,

Hadfield Street, Georgetown

March 31, 2015


Allegations leveled against iNews

Dear Mr Granger,

It has been brought to the attention of the management of iNews by a sitting member of Parliament of the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Mr Odinga Lumumba that a member of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) boasted that the Party [APNU] has control over the content of articles posted by iNews.

The individual in question was identified by Mr Lumumba as Basil Blackman, who allegedly said that there is an existing contract between iNews and APNU, which promises to give the Opposition stories prominence over that of the government.

Mr Lumumba informed iNews that these sentiments were expressed by Mr Blackman while they were on a Caribbean Airlines Flight recently. iNews takes strong objections to these malicious and irresponsible statements made by Mr Blackman, which we believe seek to discredit the reputation of our news agency and its staff.

It is not part of iNews’ policy to enter into agreements with political parties or even companies to provide “positive” coverage of their rallies/events.

As the Leader of the Opposition, I expect you to take the necessary steps in addressing this matter with urgency.



Fareeza Haniff

Editor, iNews



  1. Baloney. These people are picking at everything. Who complained to whom when the former president said all the negatives things in Corentine the other day. I am so sorry for them. But they are on their way out.

  2. I once preview this movie name “The Great Debaters” the made much uses of many words but two words i paid ken attention to CIVIL DISOBEDIENT and ANARCHY, where a group of high school students from Wiley collage debate students from Harvard university they both made references to Mr Gandy when he protested quietly against the then British army a some of more than 1500 east Indians were killed shoot down by the British soldiers for simply doing nothing now British call it Civil Disobedient Hitler murder more than 15000 Jews the called it Anarchy. Wiley collage won the debate because they prove that some times or maybe being DISOBEDIENT may be the only option one have now some one feel free to tell me when will we come together and let our country move on in the right direction it should can people honestly say all is well with Guyana without hesitating to answer I most certainly disagree.

  3. Dear Inews, is there any evidence of such statements apart for the words of Mr. Lumumba, has inews seek the comments of Mr. Blackman to clarify if such is true?. and seeing that Mr. Jagdeo recent statements about the life style of Dr. Jagan is not a reflection of the ppp/c views cant this be the same for APNU.

  4. well granger done tell all ah yall hu is bass…what mo yall want? granger is bass of inews sn kn dem waves..we he win de next elections granger will be bass of chranikle morror to…but nuff ah yall gun cant teck granger..all ah yall will have to toe pnc granger line..i loving it already hahahaha

  5. Let us say that the story is true. No one should complain. That is what goes on at NCN. they do not carry anything from the other parties, unless it is something negative.

  6. It just goes to show at what extent Mr. Gringer is willing to go. The opposition is already feeling the pressure and know fully well that they can’t win these elections fairly. I can now begin to understand why other online news sites have been so totally one sided in their vicious attacks on the PPP and its members. They “have contracts and agreements”. Guyanese people this is just a pinch of what to expect if you put nazamooto, Jattah and Grinder in power. Shame shame shame!

  7. I am glad INEWS clarify their position(s).
    Don’t forget, you are dealing with people who say things spontaneously.
    Mostly untruth.

  8. I respect INEWS highly professional coverage of events in this country. In fact it is the first online pages I visit every day. Even if Mr. Blackman makes such a claim to Mr. Lumumba ,the best thing would be to identify to articles that are biased in favour of the opposition to prove your allegation.

  9. Mr Lumumba or what ever is his name should heed what his party leader said about people who change their names. nothing further needs to be said at this time. If Inews can’t read between the lines, then I am sorry for them..


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