East Bank shooting leaves Father paralyzed; relatives protest hospital, police treatment


By Kurt Campbell


Welton Edwards. [iNews' Photo]
Welton Edwards. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Fifty – year – old Welton Edwards is now partially paralyzed and still has bullets lodged in his body following a shooting incident on the roadway at Sarah Johanna, East Bank Demerara on Monday last.

Edwards along with his nephew, 40 – year – old Sherwin Hamilton, both of Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara, were shot and injured by licensed firearm holder, 30 – year – old Dereck Jaisingh.

Jaisingh has been charged with two counts of attempted murder but was released on $800,000 bail; claiming that he thought the men posed a threat to his life at the time.

Relatives of the two injured man are protesting the treatment they received both by health officials and the police.

According to Edwards’ daughter, Felicia Gilgers, her father has been discharged by the hospital when, in her opinion, he has not recuperated well enough. Edwards was released yesterday and had to return to the hospital today after he had difficulties urinating.

“Doctors says it’s a 50/50 chance he may not walk… we are looking for justice for my father and his nephew because they are innocent.”

Sherwin Hamilton. [iNews' Photo]
Sherwin Hamilton. [iNews’ Photo]
Gilgers claimed that the family was not even informed by the police that a Court date had been set for the matter and learnt after that the businessman secured $800,000 bail.

Meanwhile, Hamilton who was shot some seven times recalled that on November 03 he went to inquire from the businessman why he was beating up on a relative when the man took his gun and lashed him twice in his face.

He said he went to call his uncle and upon their return the man shot him several times before proceeding to shoot his uncle. Relatives say there are several eyewitnesses who are afraid to come forward.

“They don’t want to come forward because people say the man does kill witness,” Gilgers said; adding that “There are many reports at the station for this man because he always drinking and shooting up… we need justice!”

Police say the man’s firearm has been seized.





  1. several eyewitnesses but afraid to come forward..but never afraid to talk to e press so the press can run and print their shit…if they want justice then appear in the court law and testify…you bet they cant…the only want to talk to the pres.. to mislead the press knowing the press will print their shit so as to rile up the public against government and police.


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