Dynamic Airways hits another snag; Passengers delayed in Miami



By Fareeza Haniff

Dynamic[www.inewsguyana.com] – Over 90 passengers on a Dynamic Airways Flight are currently delayed at the Miami International Airport, after there was no staff present to refuel its plane.

The plane landed at approximately 6:30 hours this morning (Friday, July 04) from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, after which it was scheduled to leave as a domestic flight to the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

However, this was not to be. Local representative, Captain Gerald Gouveia told iNews that Dynamic Airways decided to use the Miami route as a result of Hurricane Arthur.

He explained that the staff did not turn up to refuel the plane due to the 4th July celebrations in the US. According to Gouveia, by the time the staff showed up, the pilots ran out of duty time and had to get their eight hours of rest.

The flight is now scheduled to leave at 18:00 hours. “This is an unfortunate incident for us,” Gouveia said.

Dynamic Airways hit its first snag last Friday on its inaugural flight to New York, when they fired the ground handler, causing hours of delay and missed connecting flights for its passengers.



  1. Should change their name to “UNRELIABLE” not Dynamic. Too many snags and excuses. The owners/management should seriously re-think their operations and do some strategic planning if they wish to continue in this business. We have seen many such airlines in Guyana and it’s quite unfair to passengers. The question that comes to mind is “Should we trust these flight by night airlines although we all look for competitive airfares?” Guess not, continue to support those that are reputable and book our flights in a timely manner unless there are emergencies We must be smart as there are too many ‘iffiness’ with these airlines that offer cheap airfares as it ends up being costly in terms of time (wasted) and money.

    This is an opportune time for the government to consider our own airline/carrier.


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