Cabinet prepared Manickchand’s speech – Dr. Luncheon confirms

Acting Minister of Foreign Minister Priya Manickchand and outgoing United States Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt sharing a toast shortly after her stinging attack.


By Fareeza Haniff

Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon
Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon

[] – Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon has defended Foreign Affairs Minister (ag) Priya Manickchand’s assault on outgoing United States Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt.

Dr. Luncheon told reporters today (Friday, July 4), at a post cabinet media briefing that the response was a “feral and fitting” one, given the fact that the Ambassador had previously chastised the country’s Head of State, Donald Ramotar.

During the US independence celebration on Wednesday (July 02), at the home of the Ambassador, Manickchand unleashed Government’s wrath, describing the conduct of the Ambassador as ‘unprofessional and undiplomatic.’ She was booed and heckled by the crowd during her speech.

In recent times, Hardt has been pressuring the government, more specifically President Donald Ramotar, to set a date for the long overdue local government elections. On Monday he chastised Ramotar for selectively upholding the constitution of Guyana.

When questioned, Dr Luncheon confirmed that the speech was prepared by Cabinet members, debunking claims that it was written by one person or the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). He further noted that the speech was sent to President Ramotar and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall for their input. The duo is in Antigua attending the CARICOM Heads of Government meeting.

He explained that given the Ambassador’s attack on Ramotar, “the administration was disposed to act immediately.”

Priya Manickchand
Priya Manickchand

Dr. Luncheon believes that the forum at which the speech was delivered was appropriate, as he pointed out that Hardt departs Guyana on Sunday, July 06.

“The ritual was an ideal opportunity,” the Cabinet Secretary noted. He accused the media of being ‘mute’ when the US Ambassador chastised the President publicly at an event hosted by the non – governmental organization, Blue CAPS.



  1. I totally commend the Minister for her remarks. It was most appropriate and it puts Guyana on a much higher moral pedestal for speaking out against the US Government. I have never been prouder to be a Guyanese in the Diaspora and we all feel ten feet taller today. Well said, Minister.

  2. why is the ppp afraid to hold local government elections? thats the real issue. was it so wrong for the ambassador to say what lots of Guyanese are thinking?

  3. It is well within reason for the Government to respond to the US Ambassador’s remarks. But the venue and the occasion shows a lack of decorum.

    As the representatives of the people this was not very statemans-like behavior.
    The government could have used a press conference or some other media venue to air its views. Its simply bad manners that was displayed by the highest level of government.

    Dr. Luncheon and all of the perpetrators of the dastardly act should be ashamed. It is clear that the lack of respect exhibited by the disruptive behavior of the leaders has trickled down other government agencies.

    Particularly the GPF which has become unsustainably disruptive in its day-to-day operations and created an unnecessarily hostile environment for the Guyanese people. The GPF is a reflection of the attitudes and mannerisms of their leaders which so far has unprofessional and threatening in nature.”

  4. This is excellent someone stand up to the Ambassador no one can go in their country n tel them what to do yet they want to b in control with every country they can take advantage of someone has to put a stop to their nonsense.

  5. “feral and fitting” one, given the fact that the Ambassador had previously chastised the country’s Head of State, Donald Ramotar.
    booed and heckle by pncites who will sell their sole for power to tower over all guyanese again. this time if pnc get through they will ensure that guyana become poorer than haiti and thats wha pncits love while massa enjoy the goodies have have in the hinterland areas, better yet if oil is found..massa will need pncite real bad to give them their american nickle and dime while reaping the hog of it. massa knows pnc people dont know economics so once massa put them to rule that all they know.


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