Duo shot, robbed $400,000 in Corentyne


[www.inewsguyana.com]Two men, one of whom is a well-known Corentyne businessman was shot and injured by suspected bandits during an armed robbery last night (Sunday, March 23) at about 19:00hrs.

The injured have been identified as 72 – year – old businessman Bannsingh Guyadin of Maida, Corentyne and 28 – year – old Kissoondat Madhoo of Bush Lot, Corentyne.

The victims had just returned in a motor vehicle to Guyandin’s residence when they were attacked by two men, one of whom was armed with a shotgun. The armed man discharged rounds hitting Guyadin to his left foot and Madhoo to both feet.

The perpetrators then took away a bag with $400,000.00 and escaped.

Guyadin and Madhoo have been admitted to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Investigations are in progress.



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