Drug deal gone wrong; Bourda, Main Street shootings linked


Doggy web[www.inewsguyana.com] – A source has deep-rooted accusations that the shooting incident at the Edge Lounge on Saturday morning (November 16) is nothing but a retaliation to the fatal shooting in Orange Walk, Bourda, Georgetown on November 13.

Ex-soldier Denzil Mingo was gunned down at about 04:00hrs on Main Street, Georgetown in the vicinity of the Edge Lounge. According to reports, gunmen opened fire on the youth who is said to be in his early twenties killing him instantly.

The gunmen were said to be equipped with high-powered weapons. According to iNews’ source, Mingo was not a missed target nor was he innocent. The source said that Mingo was acutely involved in the shooting incident at Bourda which injured 36 – year – old Jamaican Patrick Forbes a.k.a ‘Doggy’. Doggy succumbed on Friday, November 15.

The source could not confirm whether Mingo was the one who did the shooting but explained that Forbes’ death has “heated things up” in the underworld. The source told iNews that it was a “drugs runnings gone wrong.”

Persons residing in close proximity to where Mingo lived [Alberttown] claimed he was a ‘hot head’ and had been seen on several occasions with guns.  He was also reportedly involved in several unlawful acts.

However, his family told a different story, claiming he was a good boy. The look at the scene on Saturday morning in many ways conveyed the anger of the shooters or ‘an act of revenge’ as our source described it.

Denzil Mingo
Denzil Mingo

Mingo’s white car bore in excess of twenty bullet holes. Windows were shattered and driver’s seat where he died was soaked with blood. There was also visible evidence that bullets had been fired at the night club.

“The town hot right now, people better stay off the road. It will only get worse,” the source said, adding that “more people involved.”

The man said that several Jamaicans have arrived in Guyana after learning of the shooting incident of ‘Doggy’ and fear that their presence could only create more mayhem.



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