Driver who allegedly drove overloaded bus away from police slams into car; several injured


unnamed (1)By Kurt Campbell

[] – Several persons suffered minor injuries and one woman is reported to have broken a leg in an early morning collision at the corner of Charlotte and King Streets, Georgetown.

A Route 40 Kitty/Campbellville minibus which was heading north along King Street collided with a car that was heading west along Charlotte Street just after 07:00hrs.

iNews ( was informed by an eyewitness that the driver of the bus was moments before the accident occurred stopped by a female Police and ordered to go to the Brickdam Police Station because the bus was overloaded with passengers.

The Police Officer then rode to the Station, expecting the driver to follow her.

The driver of the bus saw an opportunity to escape the police and did just that. His escape was however short-lived.

unnamedWhen iNews ( arrived at the scene persons from among the large crowd which had gathered at the intersection could be heard lamenting the manner in which bus and taxi drivers use roadways in the city and called for better caution.

Interestingly it was also raining at the time of the accident. The bus driver along with the conductor has been taken into police custody.



  1. take his driver’s licence away & never allow him to drive again, further.. publish his name & photo on all media.


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