Driver in Mahaicony fatal crash goes into hiding

One of the cars involved in the accident
Dead: Irene Ramsey
Dead: Irene Ramsey

[] – Altab Bacchus, the errant driver in the fatal Mahaicony crash on Saturday evening, has gone into hiding and the police have since launched a search for him.

Police sources that are close to the investigations are of the view that the man might have fled the scene after he realized he was under the influence of alcohol and once tested would be charged.

Bacchus, of Lot 29 Block 3, Craig Mill Cove and John, East Coast Demerara was reportedly driving in the wrong lane on Saturday, November 07 when his car collided with another vehicle, which caused it to spin out of control and hit four pedestrians who were standing on the road awaiting transportation to head home.

Traffic Chief, Dion Moore has since confirmed that the other driver who was involved in the accident, Kwame Springer of Amelia’s Ward, Linden was tested for alcohol consumption and it was found that he had no signs of alcohol in his system.

The relatives of the dead 45 – year – old woman, Irene Ramsey, who was killed on the spot, told iNews that they are looking to have the errant driver or his family come forward and offer them some form of assistance with the funeral expenses and to also speak about the possibility of compensation.

One of the cars involved in the accident
One of the cars involved in the accident

Ramsey was a mother of seven and worked as a cleaner at the Mahaicony Secondary School. They had just exited the 50th birthday party of another employee who controls the canteen at the said school.

The police are continuing their investigations into the matter.



  1. The driver in hiding should be made to feel the weight of the law when he surrenders or is caught. The family are looking for easy money but that has nothing to do with the police or the court. Let the law take its course, compensation or not.


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