Doctors say Harding never informed them that he was raped; too late to determine medically if allegations are true

The injured Colwyn Harding.
The injured Colwyn Harding.

[] – Doctors of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GHPC)  in a shocking and contradicting statement on Friday (January 17) said the alleged raped prisoner, 23 – year – old Colwyn Harding never informed them that he was raped and examinations of that ilk were never conducted.

The Medical Professionals said the possibly of making that determination now is highly improbable since the incident allegedly occurred between November 15 -18, 2013 and he would most likely have already healed.

According to Director of Medical and Professional Services at the GPHC, Sheik Amir up until this point, and despite the many publications in the media where Harding and relatives allege that he had a baton forced up his anus by Police Constable 31 – year – old Devin Mahendra Singh, while in custody, no such report has been made directly to doctors.

Amir said Harding was brought to the GPHC for the first time on December 13, 2013 (almost a month after the alleged rape occurred) and was diagnosed with hernia and referred to the clinic. Doctors say they saw him again on December 17, at the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Unit where he complained of having severe pains, was vomiting and there was increased swelling around his private parts.

The Director said upon examination, he was found to have a strangulated hernia which resulted in the death of his bowels and on December 18 he underwent his first surgery.

He said this is a case that they had seen many times in the past and didn’t think something was odd until they first saw the reports in the media about a week ago. “Most men get it; we have seen plenty other cases many times before, usually coming out of the interior.”

When quizzed, Amir said that it is very likely that the hernia could have resulted from having been hit in the abdomen. He said if the patient had informed them of the allegations, examinations in that regard could have been carried out.

Doctors say the young man who is still a patient at the GPHC, would need a final and definite surgery. According to Amir, Harding is eating but has lost a lot of weight and is currently using colonoscopy bags to defecate.

The Timehri Police ranks implicated in the alleged rape have since denied that they used a baton and inserted it into the anus of the young man.

This is according to Police Commissioner, Leroy Brumell, during a press conference at the Police Headquarters on Thursday, January 16. The police investigation into the reported sexual assault is scheduled to be completed on Tuesday, January 21 by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), the Top Cop told the media.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the GPHC Michael Khan said allegations that the young man was denied treatment and that the institution was out of critical medical supplies are all false.

He said once there was a delay in the administering of medical attention, but maintained that he was never treated in a shoddy manner.

Khan said the Hospital is open to him receiving a private opinion. In fact Harding is scheduled to meet with two private Physicians this morning who will give their opinion on his medical condition.





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