Decomposed body of pensioner found in Linden Home



By Kurt Campbell

[] – The partly decomposed body of a 72 – year old woman who was identified as Yvonne Adams was found at about 04:30hrs on Saturday, March 29 in her Amelia’s Ward, Linden home.

iNews ( understands that an electric cord which was attached to an iron was wrapped around the woman’s neck, leading investigators to believe she was strangled.

The woman was discovered in her bedroom by neighbors who became suspicious after they didn’t see her for several days.

She was last seen on Thursday, March 27 around 19:00hrs. She lived alone.

The woman’s body was swollen with marks of violence, according to reports.

Only on Wednesday last (March 26), police found the battered body of a 75 – year – old woman in her North Ruimveldt home. She was also strangled to death and lived alone.



  1. this look like we have a serial killer that targets elderly women that live alone let us look out and be vigilant.


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