Dead gunman has “Spine Doctor” tattooed on back

The bar where the shooting occurred.
The bar where the shooting occurred.
The bar where the shooting occurred.

[] – The Guyana Police Force (GPF) says that it has so far been unable to ascertain the identity of a gunman that was shot by ranks of the GPF at Middleton Street, Campbellville on Wednesday, June 23.

According to a police press statement, the man is of African descent with Rastafarian hairstyle, appears to be in his 40s; is fair in complexion, about 5’9” in height, medium build and has a tattoo on his back marked “Spine Doctor”.

The man was shot and killed after he and his accomplice showed up at the Butchers Pool Bar at Lot 25 Middleton Street, Campbellville Georgetown and reportedly opened fire in the direction of persons who were at the Bar, including a policeman and a member of the Guyana Defence Force.

Paul Chow, 31 years, of Railway Line, Kitty, who was in the group, was hit to his chest and right side jaw. The policeman and the soldier returned fire and one of the armed men was hit about his body, while his accomplice managed to escape.

Police sources told iNews that from all indications, the shooting appeared to be a hit that went sour.

Police say that the Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the incident.



  1. This sounds like a Wild West movie where the badman walks into the saloon and shoots his enemy and the Sheriff and his Deputy kills the badman, isthere anywhere in Guyana you can go without fear of getting shot by stray bullets from gun tooting idiots.


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