Criminal charges recommended for Police Officer who burnt Junior Thornton

Tortured teen, Junior Thornton.

By Leroy Smith

Tortured teen, Junior Thornton.
Tortured teen, Junior Thornton.

[] – Criminal Charges are being recommended for the Detective Constable, who burnt the hands of 19 – year – old Junior Thornton while he was in custody at the Sparendaam Police Station.

Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Justice (Rtd) Cecil Kennard told iNews that he recommended disciplinary measures for several other ranks of the Police station, since they failed to follow the standard operating procedures after learning what had transpired at the station.

The Chairman also noted that he received the file without the medical report, detailing the injuries the youngster sustained.

Thornton was admitted to the Burns Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital for injuries he received on both hands.

The teen related that the police officer poured methylated spirits on his hands and set them alight. The errant officer after committing the act offered the teen’s father a $100,000 as settlement.

That money was accepted by the relatives; however their Attorney had explained that it has accepted on the grounds that the money will be used to assist in their transportation woes and not as compensation.



  1. With the overwhelming evidence one would expect justice to be meted out quicker. But despite the slow turning wheels of justice, it is good to see justice finally prevail.

  2. They are still deciding whether or not to punish this officer? the fact that he offered money to the boy’s father, is enough proof that he’s guilty. What the HELL are they waiting for?


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