Crime Information system partly installed- Crime Chief


Crime Chief, Seelall Persaud. [iNews' Photo]
Crime Chief, Seelall Persaud. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The reform and modernization project of the Guyana Police Force has impacted the operations of the Force and while it may not been seen now, the impact and results of the reform process will be delivered in the long term to members of the public. This is according to Deputy Police Commissioner and Crime Chief, Seelall Persaud.

According to Persaud, it is not likely that the results will be seen in the short term but the long term results is inevitable since the reform process is taking place incrementally and its implementation needs to be taken very seriously. The Crime Chief explained that there is a certain amount of percentage of process that has to be completed before the public can begin to really see the benefits of the reform process.

Persaud made these comments while addressing other senior ranks and awardees of the annual Guyana Police Force end of year awards ceremony.

In pointing to some of the areas of the reform process which are already in motion, the Crime Chief made mention of an integrated crime information system which is already in place.

He told the gathering that the system is an electronic one, which links all the Police Stations country wide. At the moment, Police stations along the coastland are already glued onto the system while works are still being done to ensure that the police station in G Division is logged onto the system.

There has been some amount of linkage to the stations in Bartica as well as Region Ten.

Once entered into the master system, the information will be available to all the police stations. There will also be a system to test the response of police officers to the reports that they receive through the system.

Meanwhile, one of the challenges facing the Guyana Police Force is the staffing of the organization. At the moment there are 285 new members while there have been a depletion of ranks by 194 and according to Persaud, the ranks that the force lose are usually well trained and experience ones.[Leroy Smith]



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