Crabwood Creek man found dead with gunshot wound to head


crime[] – Police are investigating the death of a Crabwood Creek man, who was found with a suspected gunshot wound to his head on Saturday night, October 24.

Shameer ‘Kazac’ Ally, 36 years of Grant 1805 Crabwood Creek, was reportedly discovered by police when they went to his home to make an arrest. Ally is said to be a well-known character to the law enforcement.

iNews understands that prior to Ally’s death, he had a dispute with several persons and then went home, while the persons involved reported the matter to the police.

When the police arrived at his home, they found the man lying in a pool of blood. iNews understands that neighbours do not recall hearing any noise or commotion coming from the house since there was a Barbeque in the area.




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