Court rescues Harding from custody of prisons; Probe launched into Cellphone at Hospital

Colwyn Harding i

By Leroy Smith

[]The court served an order on the acting Director of the Prisons detailing its decision to release the abused prisoner, Colwyn Harding on self bail.

Harding has been in the custody of the prisons since November 2013 and more recently under guard by prison ranks as he lay in hospital where he is receiving treatment for injuries he allegedly sustained when a police constable rammed a police baton into his anus during a police search and arrest operation.

Meanwhile, prison officers are being accused of roughing up the prisoner on Thursday night while he lay on his hospital bed as they attempted to wrestle a cell phone from him. The information has been passed onto the high command of the prisons and the hospital management.

Chief Executive Officer of the Georgetown Public Hospital, Michael Khan confirmed that he did receive a complaint of this nature but stated that he has asked for a report to be sent to him by the health professionals who were supervising the patient at the time and after reading that report he will be in a better position to comment on the issue.

iNews has been able to confirm that the Guyana Prison Service has launched an investigation into determining who would be so bold to issue the prisoner with a cell phone, an act that is considered illegal in the laws of Guyana with respect to furnishing a prisoner with certain items; cell phones are among those listed items.

A source close to the investigation told iNews that the prison would “love to know who give him that cell phone so that we can have them charged.”

iNews was also told that if the prisoner has a cell phone and attempts are made to have that taken from him/her and they resist, then all means whatever necessary will be used to get that item from the prisoner.



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