Couple robbed by masked men in Mocha


masked-robber[] – A husband and his wife were last evening (June, 21), robbed by three masked men in Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara.

The couple was relieved of a quantity of cash and a number of personal items.

The man whose name is only known as “Niron” works with a manufacturing company and had some $200,000, property of the company, in his possession.

The man’s wife Sarah Persaud was also relieved of a number of personal items including her cellular phone.



  1. And the President is promoting tourism? Unlike most of the Caribbean and South American countries, Guyana has never been a tourist destination. However, since they ave embarked on this idea, you need to UPDATE and UPGRADE your Police Force, as of this date they are dysfunctional, crooked, ill-mannered, and are not professionally trained to handle tourists from other countries; this can create lots of International incidents, and considering that you are currently blacklisted, and are being observed by the UN, this should be given PRIORITY.


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